ABQ Integrative Family Medicine Patient Resources

All the security of traditional health insurance with the personal touch of a genuine family practice physician.

Dr. Higi’s family medicine practice caters to people of nearly any age and every health condition. If you have a complex medical situation and are seeing multiple specialists, Dr. Higi can coordinate your care for the best possible outcomes. He’ll also take the time to fully understand your medical conditions and concerns, beyond the typical rushed 15-minute office visit. If you have minimal or no known health issues, Dr. Higi can help you maximize and sustain your good health. If you do develop a serious issue, you’ll have an experienced, dedicated family medicine advocate in your corner.

You’ll get all the services of traditional primary care medicine – and more. Dr. Higi can spend additional time beyond the primary care medical visit to discuss lifestyle coaching, dietary counseling, alternative treatment therapies and complementary treatment modalities. You’ll benefit from a family doctor who focuses care on just a few hundred patients, rather than on thousands.

You can expect:

  • A family doctor near me.
  • Direct 24/7 cell phone access to your family practice physician, Dr. Higi.
  • Easy primary care scheduling online or via phone, email and text.
  • A medical advocate who coordinates care for your entire provider team, whether they are cardiologists, endocrinologists, or naturopaths and homeopaths. Dr. Higi will help you understand your health issues and what you need to do to maximize your health.
  • Communication and leadership if you need to be seen in an emergency room, by a new consultant, or are admitted to a hospital. Dr. Higi will contact providers with your medical conditions on your behalf to assist in coordinating your care.
  • Like everyone else, Dr. Higi will occasionally experience an unanticipated absence, illness or family emergency. In these rare cases, he’ll arrange for coverage by a family practice physician

No. The above services are not provided by any government or commercial medical insurance plan.

Yes. Concierge care is not a substitute for medical insurance, but a supplement to it. Your insurance policy is used for your office visits and testing ordered by Dr. Higi.

Currently he is credentialed and in network for:

  1. Aetna Commercial
  2. Aetna Medicare Supplemental
  3. Blue Cross Blue Shield (excluding Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage plan)
  4. Cigna
  5. Tricare West
  6. Medicaid
  7. Medicare
  8. Molina
  9. True Health New Mexico
  10. Presbyterian (excluding Presbyterian Senior HMO Plan)
  11. United Health Care
  12. United Health Care Medical Supplemental (excluding OPTUM Medicare Advantage Plan)
  13. Western Sky Community Care

No.  Due to the very limited number of pediatric patients and regulatory requirements he does not, so your child will need to obtain required vaccines from the local health department or a pediatric clinic such as After Hours Pediatrics.

Yes, but it is limited to annual flu shots and the Tetanus Booster.  Most other adult vaccines can be obtained from your local pharmacy.

If Dr. Higi’s primary care practice sounds like a good fit for you, schedule a free 30-minute meeting by contacting us below.

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